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Hello, thanks for visiting!

I am Christian Hartmann, adventurer, photographer and nature lover. In recent years I have dedicated much of my time to capturing and documenting the surprising beauties that our planet offers us.

Join me in this amazing challenge  creating awareness and respect for the environment, each photo we share is a message contributing to the conservation of flora and fauna.

Come and let us take you to unforgettable experiences with your camera!

Cadena volcanica (1 of 1).jpg



I will never get tired of climbing, photographing, or simply observing the majestic volcanoes of Guatemala.

Definitely my favorite landscapes!

Milky Way_Agua Pacaya (1 von 1).jpg


Night sky

The night sky opens another world, a world of which we are made and connected to. It gives me a lot of peace being out there, far away from any light pollution and just observe the magnitude of space.

"We are stardust reflecting on stars" -Carl Sagan

San Pedro Atacama_stars (2 of 3).jpg
Suedtirol See1.jpg



I love traveling and exploring the great diversity of landscapes that our planet offers. Normally I'm not an early riser, but when it comes to photos, I don't even need an alarm.

Torre del Paine_portrait (1 von 1).jpg
Norway (2 of 5).jpg



There is nothing like opening my tent and enjoying a sunrise from the most remote places. To capture these places I like to add a person to the composition to give it a human scale, and give the create the feeling of standing there.

Milky Way Camping (1 of 1).jpg
Toucan tree (1 of 1).jpg


Wild life

All landscapes would not be the same without their great diversity of inhabitants. Photographing wildlife in its natural habitat made me value it even more. We have to learn to live with them in harmony before it is too late. Aditionally, wild life photography is pure theraphy.

HOME_Fuego (1 of 1).jpg

I don't want to miss the next photo adventure!

Thank you very much!

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